If you're shopping for new tires, then the options that you may see most often are for alloy vs steel wheels. There are some major differences between these two metals when it comes to car wheels. Here are some of the main qualities for tires, and how each of these metals ranks. 


While appearance is subjective, alloy wheels are often branded as the more attractive type of wheels. You'll often find them included on luxury vehicles and performance cars. Besides the natural sheen of the alloy wheel, manufacturers have designed many types of over-the-counter polish that can be used along with alloy wheels. 


Alloy wheels are used in many cars where sport performance is an issue. They are constructed of lighter metals, such as nickel and aluminum, that make them perform better on acceleration and agile turning. They also perform better on stopping. 

Collision Tests

Steel tires win in terms of their immunity to collisions. The heavier frames of the steel wheels can stand more impact. Steel is also fairly easy to bend back in shape using gentle force with a hammer. Thus, steel may carry with it a lower repair cost. However, the strength of the alloy wheels depends on how much nickel is added to the mix, since higher nickel contents can bring the weight of the tires up and make them more resistant to collision. 

Strain on the Vehicle

Alloy wheels are beneficial because they can help protect your vehicle's parts. For instance, the more porous material helps to dissipate heat away from your brakes. Alloy wheels are also easier on your suspension, since they are a few pounds lighter per car. This added relief can accumulate over time, extending the lifespan of your car's parts. 

Performance Testing

Since steel wheels have been around for a longer time, there has been more time to refine their design and safety features. A cautious driver may want to choose steel wheels based on their dependability. 


Cost can become a factor, since alloy metal wheels can be much more expensive than their steel counterparts. However, the added benefits of alloy wheels can make it worth the extra cost for many drivers. 

So, whether you're more interested in safety and affordability or appearance and style, there are wheels that will appeal to you. Finding the right wheels will be a matter of research to find out what works best. 

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