When you need to transport large loads, trucking companies can provide you with the transit services you are looking for. While there are over 250,000 truck drivers throughout Canada, not all drivers are qualified to transport extremely heavy loads.

If you have an oversize load that you need to ship, here are three things you should be looking for before hiring a company to do your heavy hauling.

1. Experience acquiring permits.

When transporting oversize loads through Canada, it's essential that the proper paperwork and permits accompany each load. Since each province or territory has their own set of rules and regulations governing the shipment of oversize loads, you should always work with a trucking company that has experience acquiring the permits necessary to transport your heavy loads across province lines.

Experience with the permitting process allows a trucking company to reduce the likelihood that your shipment will experience any delays.

2. Access to a project manager.

Moving oversize loads great distances requires a significant amount of planning. Experienced trucking companies will provide you with access to a project manager that will ensure each detail of the transport is planned out ahead of time.

In addition to acquiring the necessary permits, oversize loads often require the removal of obstacles (like low-hanging tree branches or power lines) before the load can successfully be transported. A project manager will be able to map out a route with the fewest obstacles, and eliminate any obstacles that might impede the progress of your load.

3. Access to a pilot car.

In order to legally transport an oversize load down the roadway, a pilot car may be required. Experienced trucking companies understand that pilot cars play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of your load, and they have a fleet of pilot cars ready to travel with your oversize load.

Pilot cars warn drivers that a heavy load is approaching, and they usually are equipped with height poles that match the height of the load being transported. These height poles allow the truck driver to ensure that the oversize load will clear any bridges or underpasses that it must travel under on its way to your desired destination.

Knowing what to look for when you evaluate potential companies to handle your heavy hauling can be beneficial. Be sure the company you partner with has experience acquiring permits, provides a project manager to plan your load's route, and maintains a fleet of pilot cars to accompany your oversize load.

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