If you have a classic ride, restoring it can be very rewarding. If you are lucky, the car will have very little body damage. This is usually not the case. Sometimes the damage is not only surface deep, and frames and under carriages often have to be repaired. If you are trying to get a classic back to its original state, here are some tips to help you make it road-worthy again:

1. Revising Undercarriages To Start Body Restoration

If you want your car to be perfect, it is a good idea to start with the under carriage of your car. The floors of classic cars may be one area where there are many problems. To repair these problems, the metal can sometimes be patched in. If you want a quality repair, it is best to have any floors completely replaced with new materials.

2. Repairing Frames And Unibody Damage On Classics

Some cars have Unibody frames, which is where the frame and body of the care are attached. The damage around frame parts can cause twisting, which can affect the alignment and handling of your car. To repair these problems, the frame and Unibody have to be realigned and straightened according to the original factory measurements.

3. Replacing Fenders And Body Parts That Cannot Be Saved

The fenders of cars tend to be a place that get a lot of corrosion. In northern climates, this can happen in winter when salt on roads eats away at the inside of the wheel wells. To repair these problems it is often best to completely replace the fenders. This is because bonding the body back together may be too much work.

4. Removing Small Dents And Straightening Out The Body Work

Small dents and dings in the bodywork are problems that can be fixed with your classic. The auto collision service can pull dents out and straighten any bodywork.  This can be done before repairing any problems with paint chips or priming your car for a brand new paint job. If there is not too much exterior damage, the dents can be pulled out and paint can be buffed and waxed to make your car look like new again.

These are some tips to help you get your classic car ready to drive again. If you need help repairing the body damage to your project, contact a center for auto collision repair with A-Canadian Autobody or someone similar to get the help you need making your ride road-worthy again.