When factoring a bug out vehicle into your disaster plan, you will want to utilize something that is as tough and resilient as possible. Sure, there are quite a few resilient vehicles that you can purchase that will make fine additions to any disaster plan, but they can still be improved to be even more resilient with the right aftermarket parts. Skid plates and a locking differential are two of the best modifications that you can make to your bug out vehicle.

Skid Plates

Skid plates are a fantastic addition to any bug out or off-road vehicle, mostly because they are designed to be installed in areas where they will protect the sensitive bits of your vehicle. These are very useful when it comes to keeping large rocks or debris on the ground from scraping across the underside of your vehicle and potentially damaging your vehicle to the point where you end up stranded. 

A skid plate installed in the front of your vehicle is a great choice because it will protect your front axle, the underside of your engine, and brake lines. If you combine this skid plate with one located on the underside of the middle of your vehicle, you can also protect the fuel lines and passenger compartment.

Finally, one of the most important areas to place a skid plate on is the rear of your vehicle. This type of skid plate is so important because it keeps your rear axle from becoming broken, while also keeping your fuel tank from becoming punctured. Protecting your fuel tank is especially important because it will prevent a fuel spill that could pollute the areas you are travelling through.

Locking Differential

Finally, you will want to replace your vehicle's differential with a locking one in order to reduce the chances that you and your vehicle will end up getting stuck somewhere. When you have a standard differential, your vehicle will send more power to any wheel that is spinning a lot. This means that if you have a wheel that has no traction because it is in ice, mud, snow, sand, or lifted off the ground it will get all the power. 

If all of the power is going to the wheel that has no traction, your vehicle will have a hard time pulling itself free if it gets stuck. However, a locking differential ensures that all of your wheels will get power at all times. This means that even if one or two wheels lose traction, the rest of them will still have the power to try and pull your vehicle free.

Talk to an auto parts specialist like one from Walker Rd Automotive Ltd today in order to discuss which modifications will work best with your bug out vehicle and budget. A locking differential and multiple skid plates can make sure that your bug out vehicle can handle even the roughest terrain.