When it comes to windshields, cracks are no laughing matter. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths associated with auto glass cracks and other types of damage. Below are the three most common myths and the truths behind them.

Myth #1: A Crack Means the Entire Windshield Will Need to be Replaced

If there's a crack on your windshield, you may already be freaking out about the costs associated with a windshield replacement. Luckily, many cracks can be filled if they're handled immediately, meaning your windshield won't need to be replaced after all.

What do auto glass repair technicians look for in a crack to determine whether it can be filled or not? There are many types of cracks and breaks, and the type of damage, as well as the length, depth, and location will help the technician to determine whether repair is possible. A knowledgeable auto glass repair technician can make sure you get the service you need, whether that means a replacement or a repair.

Myth #2: Repair and Replacement Can Only Occur in an Auto Body Shop

Auto glass repair companies understand that it can be dangerous to drive with a cracked or otherwise compromised windshield. While you can always bring your car to your favorite mechanic or your car dealer, it may not be safe to do so.

If you notice a crack while you're out and about but you don't have the time to bring your car in for repair, or you don't know if it can make it to the shop without breaking, there are many auto glass repair shops who will be happy to meet you where you are. Repair and replacement can now be down in under an hour, making these services helpful and convenient.

Myth #3: Small Cracks Don't Need to be Repaired Right Away

No matter the size of a crack, the location and depth of the crack can make it dangerous to leave unrepaired.

It isn't always possible to tell the extent of a crack by looking at it. The depth of the crack could be deeper than you think, making it more likely to cause a bigger crack. The location can also cause further issues, as some parts of the windshield, such as the corners, are more sensitive to damage. An experienced technician can meet you where you are, inspect the damage, and recommend repair or replacement within a matter of minutes.

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