If you need to get an ATV from Point A to Point B quickly, without putting an unnecessary amount of miles on it, then you're going to have to ship it. Shipping these small motor vehicles can be a confusing gray area between automobile shipping and conventional mailing. With the vast number of options available in this gray area, it's important to know your options so that you can make an informed decision that allows your ATV to get to its destination quickly and safely. 

Canada Post

Unfortunately, the chance that you will be able to ship your ATV by conventional mail is pretty slim. Unless your vehicle weighs less than 30 kg, Canada Post won't be able to ship your ATV. However, if you happen to know how to work on your ATV very well, you might be able to package it so that you have a number of different packages, with each weighing less than 30 kg. If this option seems too expensive or time consuming, then you're going to want to find another way. 

Private Shipping Companies

There are a number of different private companies that will ship your ATV, but knowing how to deal with these companies is critical to ensuring your satisfaction. Make sure to ask about whether or not the ATV will be completely contained, as this will save you the risk associated with exposing your ATV to the elements common on the road like rain, hail, or small rocks. Another good question to ask about is insurance, as having your shipment insured can make a huge difference if there is any problem with your shipment. 

Preparing Your ATV For Shipping

Thankfully, there is a fairly short list of preparations to take before handing your ATV over to a shipping company. One big preparation that will have to take place is the emptying of the gas tank, as many shipping companies won't want to deal with an ATV with a full tank of gas that is liable to spill or leak. If your ATV is electric, then many companies will ask you to disconnect the battery. Other than that, preparations are typically optional, but some good ones include removing parts that jut out from the sides or front of the ATV or those that break easily under unusual stresses (those not experienced during a normal ride).

At first glance, shipping an ATV might seem confusing or even impossible, but knowing your options and what to do to prepare your vehicle for the journey are big steps to make the process painless and get you on your way to riding across the province or across the world. 

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