If your taillight is burnt out, you can easily fix it up yourself with a few simple supplies and about ten minutes of free time. As soon as you figure out you one of your taillights is not working, go to your local auto parts store and purchase a replacement bulb. Having working taillights is essential for keeping you and other drivers safe.

Remove The Lens

You're going to start by removing the lens that is covering-up your broken taillight. Most taillights are secured in place by the lens. In order to remove the lens, you are going to need a screwdriver. The lens should be secured in place with screws located outside your vehicle. However, if you don't see them outside, remember that on some vehicles the screws are located inside of your trunk.

Be sure to set the screws away somewhere safe where they will not be misplaced. You'll need them again later.

Remove The Broken Light

Next, you'll need to unscrew the light bulb. As you remove the bulb, be sure to inspect the area around it. 

Make sure that there are no loose or frayed wires; they can cause a taillight to look like it has burned out when the light bulb is working fine. If the wires are frayed or burned out, you'll need to take your vehicle into your local dealership to have the wires replaced.

Next, examine the socket that the bulb is screwed into. Make sure that it has not started to rust. Water often leaks into taillights and can cause damage to the metal socket that holds the light bulb in place. If there is rust in the socket, you can use some steel wool to get rid of the rust.

If the wires are in good shape and there is no rust in the socket, you can attach the new bulb. Once the new light bulb is securely in place, screw the lens back in place.

Then, test out your taillights to make sure they are working properly now. If they are, you can safely drive your vehicle again.

If not, you should take your vehicle into experts like Perfection Automotive Services so they can figure out why your light is not working even though you replaced the bulb and looked for damage to the wires and socket. They should be able to quickly figure out what the problem is and fix it for you on the spot.