When you have little protection between you and the exhaust, like you do on a motorcycle, even a little exhaust smoke can seem way too overpowering to you as a driver. This is why most motorcycles are designed to filter out as much smoke and carbon as possible and lead the remaining fumes far behind the person who is operating the bike. If you are having issues with exhaust smoke on your motorcycle, there is no doubt you are ready to track down the issue so you can actually enjoy heading out on the road again. Here are a couple of things the smoke from your bike may be trying to tell you about motorcycle repair.

Heavy Bluish-Gray Exhaust Smoke

Thick and heavy bluish-gray smoke from your exhaust is never a good sign and should be immediately checked out by either you or a professional. The first thing you should do is make sure the air filter is clean and secured in place. This is the main way impurities are filtered from the exhaust and a clogged filter can cause dirty looking smoke.

Check the spark plugs for signs of oil contamination by pulling them from their seat and looking for rings of soot or oil that should not be present. A lack of oil in the engine and worn pistons can cause dirty smoke and can usually be determined by taking a look at the spark plugs. 

Thick Clouds of White Exhaust Smoke

When you fire up the motor and turn the throttle, you and your bike are enveloped in thick, pluming clouds of white smoke. This may look pretty awesome, but this is not something that is supposed to happen on a bike. White smoke is typically indicative of steam of some sort, either due to low outdoor temperatures combining with the heat of the exhaust, or water present in the exhaust or motor.

If you are sure that it is warm, it is a good idea to do some investigating. Make sure a blown head gasket is not allowing water seepage into the motor and take a look at oil levels as well as an overfilled tank can cause excess smoke.

When it comes down to it, the smoke from the exhaust of your bike is speaking loud and clear about the overall health of your motorcycle's motor. If you suspect that you have an issue, it is always a good idea to track down a motorcycle repair shop, such as Sherwood Motorcycle & Power Products Ltd, for help. Remember, when it comes to motorcycles, where there is smoke there may not be fire but there is definitely something that needs attention.