If you've been in a minor accident, your car probably didn't sustain much damage - maybe a small dent and a scratch or two. You might be tempted to forgo repairs in an effort to save money if the damage isn't too unappealing, cosmetically speaking. But you shouldn't. In fact, you shouldn't put off repairs any longer than absolutely necessary, as small scratches and minor body damage can lead to major headaches and problems later on. While a little bit of body damage might not make your car unsafe, it can cost you in the long run. 

Rusty Complications

You probably don't want to be the proud owner of a rusted-out car, but there's more on the line than your vanity. Did you know that even a little bit of rust can make your car structurally unsafe? It can, and it doesn't take long for rust to start forming in areas where all your paint has been removed or scratched deeply due to an accident. Oxidation, the process that causes metal to rust, is your damaged car's number-one enemy, and it can do a lot of damage in a little bit of time. If you wait to get your car fixed, you will likely have to do more body work than was needed originally.

Unseen Damage

If you have sustained damage to the body of your car, it's likely that the damage continues beyond and behind what you can see. The only way you can be sure that your car is safe to drive is to have it inspected and repaired by an auto body specialist like Birchmount Collision Inc. A little bit of damage to the structure of your car or its mechanical components can have devastating consequences. This is especially true if any of the components responsible for steering or braking are damaged.

Rising Costs

As your car gets older, it becomes more expensive to fix. This is due to the fact that replacement parts get harder to procure once your car reaches a certain age. Some paint colors are also discontinued after a fair amount of time has passed. If yours is discontinued, you will have to paint your whole car rather than just the part that was damaged, which will cost you more money. 

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should never put off minor auto body repairs. Even the smallest dents and scratches can have huge consequences if they are ignored.