As a driver, one of the worst things that can happen to you is breaking down somewhere and getting stranded. If you want to get to safety and fix your car, you will need to take advantage of a towing contractor. People who have not taken advantage of towing before or who would like to find more information on it should read these tips to learn more. This way, you'll be able to get to safety in the most efficient way possible. 

#1: Always Know The Cost Of Towing Ahead Of Time 

Typically, when you get towed, it will either be based on a flat rate or by the kilometer. When you are shopping around for towing service, you'll need to make sure that you get a quote from a towing company that can look out for you. Prior to stopping with one towing contractor, make sure that you either call around to a number of different tow truck companies or keep the number of a reliable tow company handy. This way, you'll be able to get your vehicle off the road and out of harm's way. 

#2: Make Your Vehicle Visible And Get It Off The Road

When you are waiting for the tow truck driver to arrive, you'll need to be very clear on your location, so look around for street intersections, mile markers, addresses and other identifying characteristics. Once the tow truck driver knows how to find you, make your vehicle more visible by putting on your hazard lights and setting up flares, reflective markers, lights or other identifying tools around your vehicle. This is useful both so that the tow truck driver can spot you, and so that other drivers will steer clear of you. 

#3: Have The Car Towed To A Shop, When Possible 

You can kill two birds with one stone by having your car towed direction to a licensed and certified auto shop, rather than to your home. If you tow your vehicle to your home, you'll likely have to get it towed to a shop at a later date anyway. This will let you prevent a trip and possibly receive a discount on your repairs, since many auto repair shops offer tow service. 

#4: Sign Up For A Roadside Service Package

In order to always have tow service at your fingertips, you should subscribe to a roadside service plan. In addition to towing service, roadside service plans let you get things like battery jumps, tire changes and other roadside repairs. These plans are typically inexpensive and are well worth the investment. 

Follow these four tips, so that you're able to take good care of your vehicle in situations that would otherwise leave you stranded. If you get stuck, contact a towing company like Tip Top Towing Inc.