Pick up an auto trader magazine just about anywhere and there is a good chance you will find several vehicles that have fallen victim to floodwaters. While a lot of sellers will go the extra mile to ensure every potential buyer can clearly understand anything that is wrong with a truck or car, there are always going to a few that withhold information in hopes of making a sale. Unfortunately, when a vehicle has been in a flood and towed from a pool of water for resale, it is not always easy to tell by simply observing. Here is a guide to determining if a used vehicle has been in a flood.

Look for Signs of Condensation

A vehicle that has been submerged even partially in water will still show signs of condensation in awkward places. This is because the excess moisture usually gets trapped in the seats, flooring, and fabric components for a long time. This additional moisture can cause the car to sweat when the temperatures rise. You may notice when you look at the car that there is condensation inside of the widows, on the instrument panel, or even behind the digital faces of the heater control or radio.

Towing Service Winching Marks

If a car or truck was submersed in a body of water and had to be retrieved, even if you do not find signs of water damage you may be able to tell of the vehicle has been pulled from a body of water. During the task of retrieving a car from water, a towing service will use a winch to pull the vehicle from the water before it can be towed from the property. This winching system typically wraps and then hooks around either the front axis or bumper. The chains and steel cables used in retrieval will leave slight telltale scuff marks when a tow truck is having to pull the car against the additional weight of water.

Cars and trucks that have been submersed in water can have a whole host of mechanical and electrical issues. While experienced mechanics can often repair these vehicles and keep them running, the average driver may not have so much luck. Use this guide to help you make sure that what you get is not something that has already been through water damage. For more information about recovering a vehicle that has been flooded or submerged, contact a company like Bonnyville East End Service 2007 Ltd.