If you recently got a little dent in your truck while you were out having fun, you can remove that dent using a few common household items. Your truck will look as good as it did before you had some fun with it!

Gather Up Your Supplies

First, you will need to get together a few supplies from around your house. If you don't have these supplies, you can easily purchase them at any local department store. You will need a hair dryer, extension cord, a can of compressed air and a clean cloth.

Plug In The Hair Dryer

Once you have all of those supplies, head out to your garage. You will need to plug in the extension cord to an outlet in your garage, and then plug the hair dryer into the extension cord.

Warm Up That Dent

Find the dent that you want to fix, and turn your hair dryer on high. Point the hair dryer directly at the middle of the dent. You should hold the hair dryer about two or three inches away from the dent. Keep it there for about two minutes. The dent should feel warm to the touch from the heat you are applying.

Spray Some Compressed Air

Turn off the dryer and set it down somewhere safe that can sustain heat. Quickly pick up the can of compressed air, turn it upside down, and point the nozzle directly at the middle of the dent. Spray the dent with the compressed air for twelve seconds. You should hold the can of compressed air about two to three inches away from the dent. The dent will become covered with a thin film of cold liquid from the compressed air.

Wait For The Metal To Pop

Now you just need to wait for the metal to pop. The cold spray from the can of compressed air combined with the heat you applied to the dent right before that will cause the metal to contract. As the metal contracts, that little dent on your truck will pop out.

Wipe Off Any Remaining Liquid

After the dent pops out, wait for the liquid to stop fizzing and drip off of the dent. Then, use the soft clean cloth you brought with you to wipe away any remaining liquid from the can of compressed air.

Repeat Until All The Dents Are Gone

If you have more than one dent on your truck, just repeat this process again. When you are all done, make sure you turn the nozzle downward on the can of compressed air and store it somewhere safe. Unplug the extension cord and put it away, and put the hair dryer back in the house where it belongs.

Using simple household supplies, your truck will be dent free in no time! If your dent is larger and this method is not working, contact a professional auto body repair shop, such as Caliber Paint & Body Inc.