You've probably seen those cars with the super-tinted windows racing down Canadian motorways, zipping along anonymously and looking just a bit flashy. You might have written those drivers off as idiots, hiding from plain sight behind shadowy auto glass. Before you race to pass judgment, you may want to consider the real benefits auto glass tinting can provide. It's not just for boy racers hoping to get away with mischief behind the shaded windows; it can be well worth the extra expense for every ordinary driver, too.

SPF Protection

Possibly the single most important benefit of professionally applied window tint is the added SPF protection it provides. Typically, untinted car windows provide around the equivalent of an SPF of 16, blocking around 65 percent of harmful UV rays. Windshields, which must be light enough to provide unrestricted vision, are better, with an SPF of 50, which is the same as a strong sunscreen provides. Still, UV rays that creep into your car from the sides can damage the interior of the vehicle, and they can damage your skin, as well.

To get the most sun protection while in the car, opt for tinted windows with a higher SPF rating, and always apply sunscreen when you'll be driving for extended periods of time.

Heat Reduction

Windows that reduce the heat in your vehicle do two things. First, they make it easier to achieve a comfortable temperature inside the car more quickly, so you don't have to suffer in the sweltering space. Second, they save you money by reducing the energy required to cool the car. When your AC doesn't have to work as hard to cool the car, you'll save money and keep your air conditioner working well for longer.

It's not just the comfort of the inside of your car that is affected by too much heat; high temperatures and UV rays can combine to wreak havoc on your car's interior. Dry, cracked leather on seats and faded, cracked dashboards can be prevented with proper care and the use of tinted windows.

Added Security

If you still need another reason to consider adding a tint to your car windows, think about your car's security. Tinted windows make it more difficult for would-be burglars to see inside the vehicle, reducing the likelihood that your car will be targeted for property theft by opportunistic thieves. If they can't see anything worth stealing in your car, they'll be more likely to pass it by.

If your automobile windows need to be replaced or repaired, consider upgrading to ones with some degree of tinting on them. It's worth the added expense for the extra peace of mind you'll get, and you will definitely see a return on your investment. For more information, contact a local auto glass company, like Alpine Auto Glass