Expanding the capabilities of your vehicle with a hitch


Two Tips For Maintaining Your Car’s Brakes

Your car is likely one of the most complicated devices that you own. As a result, you may not be fully aware fo the various forms of maintenance that are needed to keep the many different components in good condition. In particular, the brakes of your car are among the most important safety features of […]

Reasons Why Your Diesel Engine Might Be Running Too Hot

If you use a diesel engine for hauling or driving through a mountainous area, then you may have had concerns about overheating your engine. Once an engine gets overheated, it will probably mean expensive repairs or even a possible engine rebuild. If you’ve noticed that temperature gauge running hot and are wondering what might be […]

Alloy Vs Steel Wheels: Which To Choose?

If you’re shopping for new tires, then the options that you may see most often are for alloy vs steel wheels. There are some major differences between these two metals when it comes to car wheels. Here are some of the main qualities for tires, and how each of these metals ranks.  Appearance While appearance […]

Three Ways To Keep Your Transmission Fresh

When it comes down to taking care of your vehicle, looking after the transmission is one of the most critical elements. The transmission is so crucial because it controls the process of switching gears, as your vehicle must do whenever you accelerate or decelerate. Some points of transmission maintenance are laid out below, so follow […]